Day 4

We have video footage from day 3, basically outlining the structure of the x, y, and z motors which we (supposedly) completed…
We used the replicator-g open-source program, distr. by MakerBot Industries (by the way, thanks to Adam Mayer over at MakerBot for helping me solve the TTY-USB problem and help wth the drivers and motors).
So basically, Bre Pettis from the 80,000-hit Youtube video on building the Reprap is the guy who works down the street from our home where we are building the project. Everytime I;m there, he’s interviewing with the Wall Street Journal or someone of the like about the new Repprap technology. So, BIG-UPS to Bre Pettis at MakerBot.
So, eventually, we ill convert the video from my Blackberry to an internet ready stream.
Also, GCODE— more coming soon…


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