Portrait Time

November 10, 2009

Here’s Developer Michael Dinner of the Factory Clone team with our DC Motor of the reprap. Still working on completing the MK4 Plastruder.

Facory Clone

Michael Dinner of Factory Clone with the DC Motor


The video finally uploaded!!!

November 3, 2009

Yet, vimeo doesn’t embed on WordPress…. So, just follow the link if you want to see our vid on the DC Motor Driver….


Building the Reprap DC Motor Driver from Factory Clone on Vimeo.

Soldering and Assembling the DC Motor

November 1, 2009

The blog has been slacking a bit, and we understand your frustration because noone actually reads this…. well, you are.

Here is building the DC Motor Driver for the Reprap or RepStrap, courtesy Factory Clone team member Mike DeShazer.

Day 4

October 16, 2009

We have video footage from day 3, basically outlining the structure of the x, y, and z motors which we (supposedly) completed…
We used the replicator-g open-source program, distr. by MakerBot Industries (by the way, thanks to Adam Mayer over at MakerBot for helping me solve the TTY-USB problem and help wth the drivers and motors).
So basically, Bre Pettis from the 80,000-hit Youtube video on building the Reprap is the guy who works down the street from our home where we are building the project. Everytime I;m there, he’s interviewing with the Wall Street Journal or someone of the like about the new Repprap technology. So, BIG-UPS to Bre Pettis at MakerBot.
So, eventually, we ill convert the video from my Blackberry to an internet ready stream.
Also, GCODE— more coming soon…

Introducing Factory Clone, the 3D manufacturing development team in NYC

October 13, 2009

If you’re not familiar with the Reprap, basically, it’s an open-source project geared towards advancing the development of the desktop 3D printing technology (being able to print usable products at home).

This is a baby project and joint effort  from an arrangement of  City University of New York students from different colleges within the University.  The roster for the Factory Clone development team  is as follows:

Michael De’Shazer:  software development and project coordination.

Tyler Dinner:  thermoplast estruder development.

Michael Dinner: Reprap positioning system development.

Adam Karis: Art of Illusion 3D design

Jose Matias: motor and driver development

The team is a collective of musicians and novelists who met in college, who happen to be roommates. And now we are tired of writing in the 3rd person. More from mobile coming soon…